Introducing Reviews By You

We’re very excited to unveil our new review scheme. What is a theatre critic? Names like Mark Shenton and Dominic Cavendish may pop into your mind. Here, we believe any spectator of a theatre production who has an opinion they wish to share and articulate is a theatre critic. Why not?

Our website is designed to be a practical, down-to-earth guide for ordinary theatregoers, so who better to write reviews than the theatregoers themselves? Write a few lines or a few paragraphs – it’s up to you, all contributions are greatly appreciated. Do mention any standout moments or performers. If you can think of any comparable shows, share them tell us – “if you like X, you might like this…”. If you didn’t enjoy it, that’s fine, please explain why, often reasons why someone didn’t like a piece are as important as reasons another person did like the piece to someone contemplating buying a ticket.

Reviews will be moderated before they are added to the website. Please keep tone respectful and criticism constructive.