Cockpit Theatre

Location: Gateforth Street

Access: Marylebone

Stage Door: wait inside


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The Cockpit Theatre was built in 1969-70 by the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) and was London’s first purposely built theatre in the round since the Great Fire of London.  The ILEA established the venue as a community theatre.  After the organisation dissolved in 1990, the theatre’s ownership was transferred to the London Borough of Westminster.

Under this ownership, the theatre was became part of the City of Westminster College and is operating full time as a theatre and training venue.


Visiting Information 

The Cockpit Theatre is located on Gateforth Street.  It is close to Marylebone Station, popular tourist attraction Madame Tussauds, Baker Street and Edgware Road.

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Reviews from the Cockpit

27 the Musical – ★★★ “…despite some issues with characterisation and story that need to be ironed out, 27 is an enjoyable show, with moments of utter brilliance” Read more >>>