REVIEW: Ghost Stories ★★★★★ – Lyric Hammersmith

“…deeply terrifying…a masterclass in live horror


West End Theatre Guide

Ghost Stories is a play by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. It follows the story of Professor Goodman, a man who has dedicated his life to debunking supernatural experiences people claim to have had, telling the audience that there is a natural, logical explanation for everything. Yet, he admits to being unable to explain three cases.

The narrative flips between Professor Goodman discussing his beliefs and the re-enactments of these three cases, switching between the safety of a lecture hall and the heart-pounding terror of the ghost stories. But is the lecture hall really as safe as it seems?

The plot twists and turns as the terror unfolds and the drama mounts. What drives Professor Goodman in his work? What happened in his past which motivates him to seek the truth? What’s his own personal ghost story? The ending of the play is truly chilling – but you’ll just have to go and see this one to see for yourself…if you dare!

The cast comprises: Simon Lipkin (All In A Row, Nativity, The Wind In The Willows) as Professor Goodman, Garry Cooper (The White Devil, The Gentlemen of Verona, Henry VI trilogy) as Tony Matthews, Preston Nyman (Catch 22, Silent Witness, Doctors (TV)) as Simon Rifkind, and Richard Sutton (The Cow Play, Transmissions, Tall Phoenix) as Mike Priddle. All four give outstanding performances.

Thrilling, chilling, shocking and deeply terrifying, Ghost Stories is a masterclass in live horror – this decade’s The Woman In Black.

Ghost Stories is showing at the Lyric Hammersmith, extended due to popular demand, until 18th May (to book tickets, click here).