REVIEW: The Wedding Singer ★★★★ – UK Tour

“…a crazily fun embodiment of the ’80s.”


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In 1984, two college roommates,  Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy, came together and formed a fruitful partnership in comedy writing, beginning with stand-up comedy before progressing to Saturday Night Live and screenwriting, and conceived the hilarious concept of a wedding singer who gets stood up at his own wedding.

The Wedding Singer began its life on the big screen in the 1998 film starring Sandler himself and Drew Barrymore.  The musical adaptation debuted on Broadway in 2006, with an original score by Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin, and book by Beguelin and Herlihy.

Tina Turner, Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Prince, Footloose, Back to the Future – it’s back in time to the ’80s with Robbie Hart!  Robbie is a wedding singer, who’s been jilted by his betrothed, Linda, at the altar.  He then meets Julia Sullivan, a waitress, who becomes engaged to wealthy, stereotypically arrogant banker, Glen Gulia.  Being rejected sends Robbie into a downwards spiral, hitting rock bottom at his first wedding gig after the break-up when he insults the wedding party by singing ‘Casualty of Love’ and ends up being thrown into a dumpster.

In a comic series of romantic mix-ups and mismatches, through unrequited love, reignited passions, and singing love songs on the street to bedroom windows, The Wedding Singer is a crazily fun embodiment of the ’80s.  It is a classic “will he get the girl?” story which is simple and highly entertaining.

Leading the cast was Jon Robyns (Memphis, Dessa Rose, Spamalot) as Robbie Hart and Cassie Compton (27 the Musical, See What I Wanna See, The Last Five Years) as Julia Sullivan, both of whom were fantastic, performing a lovely duet with ‘If I Told You’.  Ray Quinn (Grease, Brookside (TV), X Factor runner-up (TV)) starred as the sleazy, greed-driven Glen Gulia.  Quinn was magnetic and excelled with ‘It’s All About the Green’.  Ashley Emerson (Mamma Mia, Dick McWhittington, Sleeping Beauty) and Samuel Holmes (Cinderella, Eugenius!, Mrs Henderson Presents) played Robbie’s band mates, the clownish Sammy and flamboyant George.

The Wedding Singer is currently touring the UK (for more information on tour dates and to buy tickets, click here).