Les Miserables

Opened: 8th October 1985

Booking period: 3rd March 2018

Show Times: Monday-Saturday 19:30, Wednesday & Saturday 14:30

Running Time: 2 hours 50 minutes

Venue: Queen’s Theatre

Website: www.lesmis.com

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

The Show

Les Miserables is a worldwide phenomenon and is London’s longest running musical.  The show is based on the book by Victor Hugo and is based on true events. The show features famous music such as ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, ‘One Day More’, ‘On My Own’, ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ and many more.

Valjean begins the show as a prisoner, 24601, for stealing a loaf of bread, but as the story progresses, he rises to respectability, running a factory and then becoming a father figure to Cosette.

Inspector Javier was given the task in Revolution and post-Revolution France to oversee the prisoners. Javier’s commitment to the law leads him to be unforgiving to anyone who breaks it, believing that once someone has offended can never be reformed.

Fantine’s daughter, Cosette, begins the show as a frightened little girl in the care of the Thenardiers who are far from kind to her in contrast to their own daughter, Éponine, who they treat like she was an angel.  Valjean, keeping his promise to Fantine, takes her into his care.  As the show progresses, she falls in love with Marius.

Marius is a young man fighting on the barricade.  However, he falls in love with Cosette at first sight and he begins to question everything he is doing, thinking perhaps his place is beside her and not fighting against the National Guard.

The Boys of the Barricade are fighting to overthrow the King.  After the French Revolution, the monarchy of Louis XVI was overthrown, however, nine years later, another monarchy was established with Louis-Phillipe on the throne.  The Boys of the Barricade is based on true events, known as the June Rebellion in 1832.


The Cast

Leading and Supporting

Killian Donnelly as Jean Valjean

Hayden Tee as Inspector Javier

Carley Stenson as Fantine

Charlotte Kennedy as Cosette

Karis Jack as Éponine

Paul Wilkins as Marius

Steven Meo as Mr Thenardiers

Jacqueline Tate as Mrs Thenardiers

Hyoie O’Grady as Enjolras


Emma Barr, Adam Bayjou, Hugo Chiarella, Andy Conaghan, Sophie-May Feek, Lee van Geleen, Catherine Hannay, Anthony Hansen, Holly-Anne Hull, Jamie Hume, Ciaran Joyce, Katie Kerr, John Lumsden, Anna McGarahan, Jonny Purchage, Lauren Soley, Shaq Taylor, Dannny Whitehead, and Alice Ellen Wright

Little Cosette is played by Holly McDonagh, Grace Salsoni or Molly Shenker.

Young Éponine is played by Talia Etherington, Jenifer Thomas or Yasim Weaver.

Gavroche is played by Colby Mulgrew, Ben Perkins or Max Reader.


Ciaran Bowling, Oliver Brenin, Rebecca Lafferty, Joanna Loxton and George Tebbutt



Our reviewers loved the show giving ★★★★★ – “a magical show which is both inspirational and heart-breaking”.  To read the full review, click here.

Les Miserables is currently showing at the Queen’s Theatre and booking until 3rd March 2018.  The Queen’s Theatre opened on 8th October 1907 and was badly damaged during the Blitz.

The Queen’s Theatre is owned by Delfont Mackintosh Theatres.  The best place to buy tickets is through their website.  For more information on your visit to the Queen’s Theatre, read our guide.