Opened: 1952

Booking period: 5th October 2019

Show Times: Monday-Saturday 19:30, Tuesday 15:00 & Saturday 16:00

Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Venue: St Martin’s Theatre


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The Show

The Mousetrap is a murder mystery play by Agatha Christie and is the longest running play in London, having had its 25000th performance on 18th November 2012.  This production is directed by Ian Talbot.

The play is set in Monkswell Manor, a guesthouse run by Mollie and Giles Ralston.  They hear on the radio that Maureen Lyon has been murdered and that the police are looking for a man in a dark overcoat seen near the crime scene.  Their four guests arrive and an unexpected fifth guest also arrives who says his car overturned in a snowdrift.

Superintendent Hogban of the Berkshire Police tells Mollie over the phone that he is dispatching Sergeant Trotter to the guesthouse and that they must listen carefully to what he tells them.  Trotter arrives and tells them he has been sent with regard to Maureen Lyon’s murder.  The police suspect her eldest abused child (now 22) to be the killer.

Trotter asks each guest why they are at Monkswell Manor and to explain any connection they have to Lyon’s children. All guests deny any knowledge of the case.  The lights suddenly cut and when they come back on, Mrs Boyle is found dead.  Trotter takes control of the situation, gathering everyone and warning them of the danger.  He asks everyone for an account of where they were at the time of the murder.  Each of them give weak stories and he declares they all had the opportunity to commit the murder.  The play builds to an exciting and shocking climax.

The Cast

Liz Elvin as Mrs Boyle

Joel Macey as Christopher Wren

Matthew Foster as Detective-Sergeant Trotter

Russell Floyd as Major Metcalf

Arabella Neale as Miss Casewell

Malcolm James as Mr Paravicini

William Findley as Giles Ralston

Emily Plumtree as Mollie Ralston


The Mousetrap is showing at the St Martin’s Theatre and is currently booking until 5th October 2019.  The St Martin’s Theatre opened on 23rd November 1916 and was host to a few successful productions before Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap opened in 1974 having transferred from the Ambassadors Theatre.

The St Martin’s Theatre is privately owned and therefore the best place to buy tickets is through The Mousetrap’s website.  For more information regarding your visit to the St Martin’s Theatre, read our guide.

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