Strictly Ballroom

Opened: 29th March 2018

Booking Period: 20th October 2018

Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Venue: Piccadilly Theatre


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The Show

Strictly Ballroom is a musical adaptation of the 1992 film by the same name which was created by Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin.  The musical premiered in April 2014 in Australia.  The script by Luhrmann and Craig Pearce was revised and the new version debuted in the UK, with choreography by Drew McOnie, in November 2016 in Leeds.  The musical ran in Toronto in April 2017 and opened in the West End in March 2018.

The musical follows the story of wild ballroom dancer Scott Hastings and his partner, Fran, and their attempt to win the Pan Pacifics while breaking all the rules.  The musical’s score is includes ‘Love is in the Air’, ‘Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps’, and ‘Time After Time’ and others.


The Cast

Leading and Supporting

Jonny Labey as Scott Hastings

Zizi Strallen as Fran

Matt Cardle as Wally Strand

Michelle Bishop as Pam Short

Ivan de Freitas as Merv

Gabriela Garcia as Vanessa Cronin

Charlotte Gooch as Tina Sparkle

Richard Grieve as Les Kendall

Liam Marcellino as Wayne Burns

Stephen Matthews as Doug Hastings

Fernando Mira as Rico

Eve Polycarpou as Abuela

Lauren Stroud as Liz Holt

Gary Watson as Ken Railings

Christ Brooke as Muriel Shunt

Dale White as Tommy Arbunt

Selina Hamilton as Stephanie Shanks

Jacob Maynard as Liam Lamb

Freya Rowley as Kayleen West

Luke Jackson as Rory West

Tinovimbanashe Sibanda as Emily Waters

Justin-Lee Jones as Jonathan Drench


Chris Bennett, Hannah Fairclough, Christopher D Hunt, Robin Kent and Leanne Pinder



Strictly Ballroom opened at the Piccadilly Theatre on 29th March 2018.  The Piccadilly Theatre opened in April 1928, firstly as a theatre, before being converted into a cabaret restaurant and then a casino.  It closed for a period following damage during WWII, and when it reopened, it became a venue for plays and musicals.

The Piccadilly Theatre is owned by the Ambassador Theatre Group therefore the best place to buy tickets for Strictly Ballroom is through their website.  For more information on your visit to the Piccadilly Theatre, read our guide.

Our reviewers were unimpressed with Strictly Ballroom, giving it ★★ and describing it as having “….woefully little dance and a weak, meandering plot which leaves a feeling of disappointment” To read the full review, click here.