The Book of Mormon

Opened: 21st March 2013

Booking period: 30th March 2019

Show Times: Monday-Saturday 19:30, Wednesday & Saturday 14:30

Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Venue: Prince of Wales Theatre


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The Show

The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical which was written by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, with Robert Lopez, whose previous work includes Avenue Q and Frozen.  Development of the show began in 2003, before opening on Broadway in March 2011 and in the West End in 2013.

Two Mormon missionaries, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, are drafted out to a village in Uganda. They arrive and are shown around by Mafala Hatimbi and the villagers share the details of lives. Price and Cunningham are shown to their quarters by Hatimbi’s daughter, Nabalungi, where they meet their fellow missionaries who haven’t converted a single local to Mormonism.

Elder McKinley panics after receiving a message saying the Mission President wishes to have a full progress report. Price gives up and asks for a transfer to Orlando. Cunningham is crushed but when Nabalungi comes to him to learn about the Book of Mormon, he believes the villagers will listen to him. Cunningham has never read the Book of Mormon and so makes stories up from what he knows of the Mormon doctrines and pieces of science fiction.

Cunningham finishes his preaching, leaving the villagers in awe and ready to be baptised and accept Mormonism. The Mission President and senior leaders come to the Ugandan mission to congratulate the team. Price and Cunningham are praised as the most successful missionaries in Africa. Shortly after, the villagers burst in and give a performance on what they’ve learnt. The President is appalled, tells the missionaries to go home and informs the villagers they are not Mormons.

Price consoles Cunningham and realises his way was right – getting the message across is more important than following the exact word of the scripture. Nabalungi tells the villagers the stories were untrue and is stunned when they say they knew the stories were metaphors. The missionaries prepare to leave but Price suggests they can stay and help people, even though the mission has been terminated.


The Cast 

Leading and Supporting

Dom Simpson as Elder Price

J. Michael Finley as Elder Cunningham

Tom Xander as Standby for Elder Cunningham

Leanne Robinson as Nabulungi

Steven Webb as Elder McKinley

Richard Lloyd-King as Mafala Hatimbi

Dean Maynard as Price’s Dad/Joseph Smith/Mission Leader

Michael Moulton as General


Ross Carpenter, Phillip Catchpole, James Chisholm, Nicholas Collier, Demi Goodman, Will Haswell, Sackie Osakonor, Etisyai Philip, Stephen Rolley, Lejaun Sheppard, Lukin Simmonds, Bree Smith, Madison Swan, Tommy Wade-Smith, and Dan Walter


Olly Christopher, Christopher Copeland, Joseph Davenport, Jack Greaves, Myles Hart, Savanna Jeffrey, Alex Lodge, David McMullan, and Robyn Rose



The Book of Mormon is showing at the Prince of Wales Theatre and currently booking until 30th March.  The Prince of Wales Theatre opened in January 1984.  It has been the home to operas, plays and musicals.  The theatre is built with an art deco style.

The Prince of Wales Theatre is owned by Delfont Mackintosh Theatres and so the best place to buy tickets for The Book of Mormon is through their website.  For more information on your visit to the Prince of Wales Theatre, read our guide.